VAYA Studio

is specialized in architectural and product visualizations

With more than 10 years of experience, the Vaya Studio team of architects, interior designers and CG artists
is dedicated to providing premium quality in our services while staying in touch with the client’s needs

In Vaya, we believe that communication is key – whether it’s communicating broadly and in detail about your project or realising your vision through our images and animations. When you engage with us, you can count on our timely and in-depth advice through all channels of communication, so we can ensure that YOUR project stays yours and is presented in the best possible visual way.

Architectural and Interior  Visualizations

Still images have proven to be a timeless way to visualize architecture and here at Vaya we consider it a corner stone of our work. With carefully chosen angles and hand crafted atmosphere, every image, whether a big real estate development or a cozy interior space,  will tell a story and showcase your vision.


Here at Vaya studio, we’re experts when it comes to videos. In our view, storytelling takes a big leap when the client is presented with an audio- visual spectacle. Starting from the conceptual phase, all the way to custom composed music and editing, we provide an end to end service ideal for social media or website integration.

Product visualizations

Our expertise can help you to digitize your product portfolio, integrate it in digital marketing and customization or simply make it stand out for an advertising campaign. We can help you cut costs from expensive photoshoots and give you the flexibility of a digital asset.

Visual effects

We’re very passionate about VFX and can provide a wide specter of services ranging from liquids, destruction, fire and smoke simulations to rigid and soft body dynamics. Whether film or commercials, when the creative vision demands such effects, we are here to help.

360 Panoramas

In a world where the client has more and more say in the design process, 360 Panoramas are a great way of giving you a powerful tool for immersing clients in an environment. Being able to take a look around in a sun bathed interior or see the very view from your future bedroom is nothing short of spectacular.